There is of course, always home..

as is the way with the world these days
we are constantly being reminded
reminded of our digitally rich recent pasts
as today, again, prompted, proved
this time
three years ago, was he

he is
back, ‘on the run’
back there, in the region of 2 ½ years now
this image
courteously generated by Google as a reminder
shows a lloyd some 4 ½ stone enhanced from today’s
weigh in
and ‘there’, his familiar
finds one
in pub
his host
and match


an image
9th april 2014

this 9th april
he returns ‘home’
sometimes he mentions home as being
somewhere in south wales… (his place of birth)
and then sometimes
the city of his boyhood, youth and young manli’s
the city where he first learned also, to run

and it is for this reason he returns, ‘home’
to run
to run simply, the most important race he has run
since this return
back in 2014
post april 9th
post this image
where on that day, he imagined
running, simply as part, as parcel of, a delusional dream
along with all those ‘others’

only then, to be confounded
three years hence
the close proximities
of digital reminders
persistently perpetuating

and whilst
all the time…

this april 9th
he will set out in the ‘yorkshire’
or as he would have it
‘sheffield’ half marathon
running those very same roads
those young legs once joyed across
with regularity
from centre of town
up, ecclesall road
up, out towards ringinglow
up, out toward moor
before returning
ecclesall road south
south to town, city
and to finish

but this day
not today
or yesterday’s
but this 9th april 2017
which in time
may realise
with reminders all of its own
wistful acts
of his place
three years passed
another him
another being
or maybe not so changed after all
maybe just the same old
as of that day

a boy just lost

lost in his heart
and rythem
of distant chimes
pianos running
running pianos
the romance of it all
drinks another drink
yet this time
a mile runs
another mile
and another

his heart
still pounding
with the effort of it all
but mainly
mainly because
its ‘home’
it always is home
the sheffield half
in sheffield
where the glass
the drinking glass
is alway
half full


see you on the 9th


~ by lloydsloops on March 29, 2017.

2 Responses to “There is of course, always home..”

  1. Great read Lloyd. Home is where the heart and the run is. Be there in that moment again for that period of time where once again running sets you free of other worldly interruptions.

  2. thanks Ian – you of all know just what this is about..

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