The Ten Miler

Harry Hawkes 2016 by 09:42:16

i took a picture of self
the other eve
looked at it
and thought
yes, that’s me
that IS me

i then accidentally
deleted it
like a Thames Shag
diving asunder
without trace

somewhere lurking
in ones scrapbook
a result
4th June 1985
‘Tiger’s Ten’

the last ten miler i raced
that would be until
‘Harry Hawkes 10’
26th June 2016

a seperation of
31 years 22 days
10 minutes 55 seconds

a long time not to run
but not so long
given the long time
between those
finishing times

The Tiger Ten
hosted by
the Sheffield Tigers Rugby Club
so started
at the rugby club ground
Hathersage Road

a gruel of course commenced
the first five ascending
Hathersage Road
Long Line
Sheephill Road
and then, left
upon old roman road
cutting cross moor
heading for Fox House

anyone familiar with this
trek will know
the uncertain nature
below foot
an unfamiliar
ten mile run

once released from
the rock and
the hard place
back upon road
that Hathersage Road

as for Harry Hawkes
upon cricket ground
within quaint Thames Ditton
let’s say this was a relative
breeze against Tigers gale
but Harry’s Hawke
and the thirty one years
and yes
that hamstring / adductor
on / off
which nearly meant
Harry wasn’t to be
meant, measured running
but running never-the-less

in time
of time

so just like the vanishing images
we hold
in reflection of now
well now has come and gone
Thames, Shag and fish
Harry Hawkes a memory
banked with Tiger Ten

cometh the hour (71:52)
for the next…

ten miler


~ by lloydsloops on July 3, 2016.

3 Responses to “The Ten Miler”

  1. Beautiful sensitivity balanced with the determination only runners know… Lovely piece. Thank you x

  2. Inspirational. The next could be the “Epsom 10” in November – the VAC Champs.

  3. thank You
    date added to diary!

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