Graves Park

This picture of two park trees, centrally positioned, captured on Saturday morning, stands my test of time.


By being reacquainted to their vista of symbolism, the thirty eight years elapsed moved into a matter of now.

A now, as fresh as, ‘way back’ then, when lining up with 230 other kids on, ‘that’ January, Saturday morning in 1977.

The, ‘now then’, of facing the view and prospect they presented as start/finish and target of the Sheffield Schools City Cross Country Championships.

To be back now, and not feeling isolated by the stretch of time which has passed or, invaded by memories or, simply even, impacted by the list of life’s events which have accrued but instead, experiencing the immediacy, of the there, then and now, transcended. I smiled.

After stating this, i was there of course to remember, and in particular, remember a special individual who, no longer stands to face these two trees endured.

For he is, a part of these two trees and everything else i could see.

My morning had just completed the Graves parkrun which is run to the left and behind of where this image, next to the Cobnar Road pavilion, was taken, as accessed by the Bunting Nook entrance.

It was the parkrun birthday present to self, to absorb the spirit of running over this ground once again and in my own small way, pay tribute to the man who has inspired my runs and in particular the essence of my running, ever since.

I swear at one point as i climbed, rising again up those hills of this appropriately enthused, well organised looping parkrun course, his calm voice echoed as i tired, ‘come on Bevan’, and reverberated his belief, just get up that hill and you’ve won, just as it did back then.

A different kind of result maybe this time but one nevertheless completed with a huge amount of pleasure and yes, satisfaction to have resumed this particular running path.

Thank you Ian. The return took my breath away, in yours.


~ by lloydsloops on July 26, 2015.

One Response to “Graves Park”

  1. A lovely piece Lloyd and a good performance too – 3rd V50 on the day.

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