21 cache

in memory; to my late father

i always remember how he would express his wish to retrieve 7 minute mileing for his three mile sunday runs at fox house

i don’t remember now if he actually did; my impression is, that he fell agonisingly short of the twenty one minutes whilst in his middle distance forties

this was when i was comparatively sprinting around my cross country events as a kid, sorry da

its probably the reason, when i now come across a nipper at the parkrun events showing me the way, i smile ruthlessly, ‘go on kid’ i utter from within

that said; its what makes me even more remarked by my own quickstep of return

i really had no expectations when i took upon the lacing up of running shoes again of, ‘times’, an anathema to the spirit of, just running

when younger and comparatively more (he questions his honesty of the now-ness of now here) more competitive, i timed every training run.

my conclusion, i left my races on the training runs, my times out training often out did those of my races

so, with that in mind, i don’t time training runs anymore but have to admit, when my first timed run returned 27:12 for the inception of parkruns i was, well, smugishly pleased

and truthfully, my expectations did not grow but, the times improved, all the way down to 21:25 and sub seven minutes mileing dad!

i have found myself comfortably grooving in at 22 minutes with 13 runs so far completed

two; hampstead and richmond remain outside the twenty two catchment so, before i continue with my partiality for roaming the parkrun circuit i have promised myself, i will first of all bring these two to heal (and toes) before continuing with new fields of ran parks

and then, the target will be to get all which are not thus far to the sub seven 21:45 barrier and blumming hec, father, who knows where next sir!

well actually, richmond 10k next sunday, princess of hamstrings permitting, of which, she smilingly remains

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas 1947


~ by lloydsloops on June 7, 2015.

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