since 10th January parkrun has become my saturday morning fix
and, rather than stick to one or two, initially the intention was to rotate 5 courses, i have found myself going to a new course each week

only two courses i have run twice so far, my home course, gladstone park and wormwood scrubs

its become more than simply a parkrun, its become a method to circumnavigate london

narratives and images, pertained and absorbed, and; hopefully the same will be revealed, wider a field

its called in the vernacular, parkrun tourism and i enjoy being a member of the tourists, remember them, sadly there wasn’t parkrun in those days

and that is the point for me, if something as effective as parkrun had existed in my youth well, i’ll come back to that at a later point

so it started at gladstone park, a hilly little number for a starter and continued

parkrun, the log:

gladstone park 10th january, 21st march

wormwood scrubs 24th january, 11th april

richmond park 31st january

hampstead heath 21st february

fulham palace 7th march

oak hill 18th april

burgess 25th april

gunnersbury 2nd may

northala fields 16th may

wanstead flats 30th may

so here goes, a small chronicle of those parkrun tours enjoyed or not whichever the case happens to be, enjoyed i’m sure


~ by lloydsloops on May 31, 2015.

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  1. “parkrun tourism”, love it

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