5 miles 26:57

I still have my scrapbook. The one compiled as a youngster, set aside for all things, ‘cross country running’.


Within the inner sleeve is scribed, ’75, 76, 77 CROSS COUNTRY SEASONS’ in double-lined extra curly writing.

Originally for school results, but later, ‘the’ wallet for anything picked up during my relentlessly, stop, start relationship with running and racing thenceforth.

The ‘quickest’ slip of evidence from this forensic collection of snippings being that taken from a 5 mile, South Yorkshire league road race, held in Askern, June’ish 1985.

26 minutes 57 seconds and from what I remember, not the easiest of courses. Heady times.

Those days are gone now.

The days of 5.23 minute mileing over and over, gone.

But, in a way, they haven’t completely deserted. They exist as a known and a counter measure to today’s progress. The reminder of revisits which have followed my aspirations of distraction, cometh the years.

Last summer when the latest start commenced, I weighed in at 16.5 + stone.

I understand the ‘process’ for starting, now ingrained. It works in my case with, the realism of small bites, executed regularly, delivered with a concept of reward at the end of any particular point of cycle.

So it was a case of, ‘x’ mile(s) (part miles initially) a day or, every other, or one in three, but consistent, whichever reflected the objective reality of achievable, at the time.

The run, or rather jog element, was only able to be partially delivered at the beginning of any new effort. It would start with something similar to; jog between the next tree and the next, followed by walking in between several more. The repetition of trees and starts perpetuating over a given loop.

My diet echoed a similar philosophy, restraint and reward.

As momentum increased, the theory elapsed with emergent increments of fitness, and therefore, so would expectations and, so, wishes, dreams.

The reality; the first four months were non stop, stops and starts but stops and starts nevertheless.

My body would simply breakdown. However well managed, one can not underestimate the change you are placing on your acquired physical resource. And of course, these periods of, on off are, the most challenging, mentally at least but physically at most.

Weeks off at a time. How to maintain the will, to inform yourself this is, ‘off-time’ in the road to ‘on-time’.

Many years have seen this pattern simply, collapse.

From 16.5 stone to sub 13; so, times will also fall.

The inaugural parkrun 5k this year measured in at 27:12 on January 10th. A genuine reflection, and genuinely a time of pleasant surprise. New life breathed into running ‘competitively’, with a small c I should stress, courtesy of ‘parkrun’ which offers and enables, all to participate from any level, just enjoy and run or just jog or just walk.

Eight runs and 15 weeks later, 21.25

To have returned to 6 something mileing again (or sub 7 if you prefer), and whilst taking into account the present cost of impact with, ‘princess hamstrings’, a sense arrives, the scrapbook wallet entry complicit, herein, henceforth.

Maybe, just the whisper

of memory

and darkened neon


~ by lloydsloops on May 29, 2015.

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