This morning is a time for reflection.
Yesterday I completed my tenth parkrun.

I had deliberately decided to run ‘off’ 5k pace as preparation for a 10k I have at the same venue next week, Gunnersbury Park, London.
As with Hampstead parkrun (cancelled this week due to volunteer shortages!) they have a marshal calling out the halfway point timings.
I was feeling precisely as I would have wanted, comfortably striding, with a rhythm of strength. The marshal called 11.15 as I passed.
This was a pleasant surprise given I was feeling so comfortable.
The run continued from this point on a grassy gentle decent. As we approached the start for the second lap, those magnificent parkrun volunteers in their florescent flying machine jackets were huddled and calling encouragements.
As I approached, snap.
My left hamstring tightened and well, anyone who has, will know.
It wasn’t a rip, pull up, stop but a tightening tear.
The questions flourished, pull up or adjust and continue?
I clearly didn’t wish to stop unless I had to but at the same time it was obvious what I should do.
When these things happen it brings to stark attention all the precious feelings one can have about running.
All the training and weight loss, the returned to dreams after an, on off lifetime affair with the sport.

I am 51 now, put that in reverse, when 15, I won the Sheffield city cross country championships.
This is just a fact of result, what really matters is the relationship of running to person, person to running.
So when my hamstring tore, it served as a reminder to all those on off tears of another muscle type, the heart and the rendering of running.

As it happens, I continued. Given the discomfort, I attempted to maintain the ‘comfortable’, I had previously managed with the ease of stride and rhythm, all be it, slightly compromised now.

I picked up my finishing token, which was scanned along with my parkrun barcode.
The debate continued as I left the park limping, as to the, where’s and whats of decision making mid-run.

As I returned home the result had already arrived, parkrun really is an effective and brilliant organisation, a subject I am sure I will return to at a later stage.

The result said, ‘Gunnersbury parkrun results for event #181. Your time was 00:22:30.
Congratulations on completing your 10th parkrun and your 1st at Gunnersbury parkrun today’

A second lap of precisely 11.15 somehow contrived.

On reflection, injuries are a good thing for runners. They inform us to adjust, to remember, to assess just why we run.

So why, why do I run, as they say more to follow; much much more.

As for today, the hamstring is sore but less so than I first feared which is, of course, a precious runners relief!


~ by lloydsloops on May 3, 2015.

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