parkrun (57) pymmes

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between the foretold
harrier hoverers, hovered

in silver sweet briars

gatherers gathered

and the gathering
that had gathered



Maidenhead ‘alf

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it would be discourteous
not to mention you
after all
that, ‘silly sausage’ had uttered
the bare basic facts of its truth
‘a pb’s a pb’
despite its unplanned plan
as you do
or rather
the foraging forlorn frequency
unfolded, obliged

apparent as you emerged
in the finishing
he played along
and true to your magnificence
came true
as results collated
he, we
were not there
vanished, vanquished
absolved of all
as if
he didn’t really care
like a silly sausage
he didn’t
but the goal posts moved
as they do
suits him, suits her
a quick love note
on video playback
and the lost
became the found
and all
well, a ‘pb is a pb’
after all
the Maidenhead ‘alf

llantwit major 10k

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i am neglecting you
everywhere and yet
in your accustomed fashion you
harnessed every step
with each note
you exhaled
i’m sorry
i have been consumed
just getting from
and in a sense of incompleteness
i realised
this cannot continue
our separation
our long lost routes
and loops
by each
and every stride
thru gates, over styles
upon steps and
up on over
swept back
point stout
and between
and finally
rugby post

the melody divided
arms arching
legs leaping
fingers splaying
we were and are the inseparable
the unconditional
as light
in darkness
shadows sharpen
and there displayed
the manuscript of the unplayed

‘the llantwit major 10k’

26th May 2017 – Serpentine Last Friday of the Month 5k

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deckchairs and
ice cream lollies
boys ‘n girls play’n
keepie uppie
swans swooning lakeside
and then there was of course
heady heights ‘n heats of mid-day
the long, oh so long and good
last Friday 5k




the Serpentine last friday 5k is, yes you guessed correctly: Serpentine RC Last Friday 5k


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​The words for this piece reside elsewhere.

Issue 4, Serpentimes – ‘A is for Abingdon’

“Serpentimes gives voice to the culture of the Serpentine Running Club”

Layer upon layered layer, wonderfully produced, crafted from the contributions of a band of regular and new contributor Serpentine’s.

In expression, a digital glance from within, by those who just are, the fabric of red and gold hoops.

I joined Serpentine RC in June 2015, ‘A is for Abingdon’ relays a part of that story, my experience of becoming, the emergent place of being, as in run, running.

Select the following link for: Issue 4 – Serpentimes: A is for Abingdon

and much, much more


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this will be

for some, time

a last time


racing (ish)

the c2c

crown to crown

out, east

out pits and seas

two / half years pass / past / ‘move on’

post, returns

time to

regroup / assess

move on

see you

come autumnal autumns

and races

a further



8 seconds shy……..

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a lot, a lot
of dust has gathered
and it will take some time to disperse


get orf my shades sall – courtesy of mr langley of course

before leaving sheffield yesterday
to return, london bound
i was pressed to remind myself that
i’ve lived in london for the past
18 years
so deep had the currents of connection
swelled back in sheffield
a trauma inflicted
ones heart and senses skewed

and now, by the simple reaquaintance of 8 miles run
around serpentine, hyde park and kensington gardens
i know why it is here, london
where i am

but to be so swept up
swept along in the swell
of sheffield’s tides
helped glean
perspectives, that the daily can sometimes
just forget
taken for granted

the half
the yorkshire half marathon
the ‘sheffield ‘alf’
was always going to be a pivitol race
in this years calander
it was in its own way
my pilgrimage
back to running youth

it didn’t disappoint
surpassing expecatations
evoking, prodding
many motivations
of which, a gathering

there were to be many reasons
to record each and every stride

the start, and the gates of arundle

i know (knew) these roads so well
i had never expected the public face of sheffield
to be so evident, so generous of spirit
five miles of continual ups
more reminicent of le tour
hungry crowds willing
‘stay the pace’

out onto sheephill
over the brow
it was time to stretch into reserve
and flow
and flow i did
with keith and sally
joe and maisie
and of course
mr dore moor himself, geoffrey
all singing each and every stride along


as caught by the one and only – mr dore moor – en route dore of course

wear a watch, i do
but rarely do
i take view
i never really considered a pb
on this of all courses
and had i known
i would be, just eight seconds shy
i would not have upped the game
upped the pace
because shy of eight
in those currents
of swirls
and eddies
had ‘t sheffield ‘alf
in tune
in motion,  full of

an emotional

when all settles
settles all

oh sheffield my